RMA Terms and Conditions

Precise laser output power measurement

RMA Terms and Conditions

SECTION 1:  General Conditions

  1. All sales are final.  No credits, refunds or exchanges.  If an exception is made, there will be a 30% restock fee.
  2. Any and all product returns to Atkinson trading ltd (herein ‘Atklaser’) must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization Number, and its associated paperwork.
  3. Return Material Authorization is only valid for 45 days from the date of issuance.
  4. All returned product must be shipped to Atklaser with proper packaging so as to ensure safe and secure transportation.  Atklaser shall not be liable for any lost or damaged returns.  Sender is responsible for insuring the shipment.
  5. Returns must be shipped PREPAID by sender to the address indicated on the RMA paperwork.  Atklaser will return repaired product (prepaid by Atklaser) at our discretion by either regular ground service, or cheapest method.
  6. Expedited return shipping shall be at customer’s expense.
  7. Any product returns that are found to be abused or otherwise tampered with will not be considered for repair or return.  Any product that is returned defective that is not found to be defective will be retested, certified and returned.
  8. Atklaser’s warranty covers parts and workmanship defects only and does not cover any damages due to installation, environmental or natural causes.  Incidental or consequential damages are not covered by Atklaser’s warranty.
  9. RIGHT TO OFFSET:  If Customer fails to pay for a calibration or repair service, or if Customer inaction delays service for 90 days or more, then in consideration for work already performed by Atklaser (including diagnostics and evaluation), Customer acknowledges and agrees to transfer legal ownership of the equipment to Atklaser. Atklaser may liquidate the equipment to allow for the full or partial offset of any amounts due. Any excess funds collected shall remain the property of Atklaser in lieu of a collection fee.  Customer shall be liable for any further amounts due, including collection and legal fees.

SECTION 2: Return for Repairs

In addition to the aforementioned terms, items being returned for repair are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Products returned for repair may or may not be covered under the original factory warranty.  For original factory warranty consideration, the original invoice number may be required to validate warranty coverage.
  2. Warranty on Repairs no longer covered by the original factory warranty:
    Repair Warranty Period is for thirty (30) days from date of the repair invoice, and covers instruments repaired that: (i) are currently in manufacture and not discontinued or end-of-life; (ii) less than two years old; and (iii) covers solely and exclusively those (new) parts and components used to initiate the repair, and not the entire instrument. Labor charges will be incurred by customer for Repair Warranty unless Atklaser determines that a workmanship error occurred, in which case customer would not be charged for labor. Atklaser does not use re-manufactured, refurbished, or used parts. Warranty void if customer authorizes the use of used parts or components.
  3. Warranty is void where there is an indication the instrument has been damaged, tampered with, or applied in a manner that is inconsistent with its intended use.  The warrant is also void if any exterior labels have been have been removed or obstructed.
  4. Repair fees are communicated upon issuance of an RMA.  By submitting the product described in the issued RMA for repair, the customer acknowledges and agrees that it shall pay that amount charged by Atklaser, and outlined on the RMA, for the repair.  Should there be any additional charges Atklaser will contact the customer for additional approval.  If customer wishes to cancel the repair order, customer acknowledges that they shall be liable to Atklaser for the original amount quoted in issued RMA, plus materials and labor for work already performed as authorized by Customer.